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Bus Bell Cord

Imagine you are in a bus, you want to signal a stop and suddenly realize that there is no red button to push. Red buttons are one of the few things that you expect to find in any bus in any corner of the world, so you get a bit disappointed.

An ordinary stop button.

A few moments later you realize that instead of red buttons, travelers are using a bus bell cord. I am not talking about a fancy old-style bell cord in a new and elegant bus like those in Manhattan:

Bus bell cord in Manhattan.

And I am not even talking about an historical bus used as tourist attraction:

Cable car "tourist attraction" in San Francisco.

What I am talking about is just plain ordinary aged buses all around a city with such bell cords: an old-style purely mechanical system to signal stops. As a matter of fact nowadays our society tends to rely more on electronic systems rather than on purely mechanical systems.

Ok, so where do you expect it to be? Where do you think people still rely on a purely mechanical system to signal stops when on a bus, like in the old times? Well, you probably don’t know where, but you know for sure that it’s not in Silicon Valley, the homeland of the most advanced digital technology, right? Wrong!! That’s exactly there!

I actually love this: bell cords are inexpensive and probably require less maintenance than any other electronic device. But for sure, I would not expect to see them in Silicon Valley!