About me

I am Paolo. Software engineer. Python enthusiast, Django lover, Open Source contributor and Google Summer of Code participant. Digital privacy paranoid. Co–author of “Security and Usability”, published by O’Reilly Media.

More about my professional experience and expertise in my LinkedIn and GitHub profiles.


I grew up in Italy. After one of the best science high schools in town, I attended Computer Engineering at University of Bergamo. I graduated with top marks and YES, I am very proud of it!

I lived in Prague, Czech Republic for a year during my Erasmus Programme and loved their original Pilsner and Svickova.

In 2013 I spent wonderful months in Washington, DC, USA while attending SPRINT a summer program in international business.

I am currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where I learned to love bikes, sliced bread and, after a few years, even… the rain!



While in university, during the final year of bachelor’s studies, I worked as IT Security Engineer Intern in the field of usability of security devices at Eutron in Italy. There I got the opportunity to co–author the book “Security and Usability”, published by O’Reilly Media and written together with some highly regarded professors and professionals: S. Garfinkel, L. Cranor, P. Salvaneschi and U. Piazzalunga.

Eutron is an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) enterprise.

Salvaneschi & Partners

During my master’s studies I joined Salvaneschi & Partners as Quality Assurance Engineer. I was responsible for monitoring every phase of the software development process so as to ensure design quality, making sure that the software adheres to the standards and requirements agreed with stakeholders.

Salvaneschi & Partners is small-sized software engineering company run by knowledgeable professionals offering auditing and consulting services.

United Academics

In 2010 I entered United Academics as Web Developer and soon became the Lead Software Developer. In 4 years at United Academics, among other things, we built a web crawler and full-text search engine for Open Access papers, a printing on demand website and web service, a job portal and an online bookshop.

United Academics is an international start-up which promotes Open Access publishing amongst researchers.


In 2014 I took part in the prestigious Google Summer of Code program as Full-stack Web Developer for NeuroStars and BioStars. Read more about this experience in my Google Summer of Code post.

To know more about my professional experience and expertise, check out my LinkedIn profile.


A list of technologies I like to work and play with:

Open Source Contributions

2014 was a very intense year, my GitHub contribution graph says…

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