The following is a selection of the most recent and fun projects I worked on. I also made minor contributions to other free and open-source projects.


Moogle icon You are searching for the sushi restaurant that a friend of yours recommended last month: you type “sushi restaurant” in your smart phone and you get a tweet from John talking about Tokyo Sushi. You also get a comment you wrote on Facebook, an SMS message sent to your brother and a bookmark in your browser, all about the same restaurant. Now imagine that you can do this with your smart phone, laptop, tablet or smart TV. Something so basic yet so far from the reality. This is Moogle - My Own Google, the search engine for private data.


Promptastic icon A flavored prompt for Bash shell which provides info about the running system and environment in a fancy colored output. It works under Mac OS X and Linux. Heavily inspired by Powerline and Powerline-shell


NeuroStars icon A question-and-answer website for the neuroinformatics community. Powered by BioStar: “a simple, generic, flexible and extensible Q&A framework […] developed by scientists and for scientists”. BioStar is written in Python and uses Django as web framework. I am one of the main contributor of this project…


Docker-PostgreSQL icon A Docker container for PostgreSQL with special features like an integrated SSH server and the automatic sharing of PostgreSQL’s data directory and log files. Available for pulling from Docker Registry


Ansible-Biostar icon An Ansible playbook to automatize the deployment of BioStar based projects using Docker containers. Ansible-Biostar can currently deploy to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Google Compute Engine - still experimental! - machines. Available in Ansible Galaxy